February 1, 2001

Make Other Plans

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The Wedding Planner is proof that any script is marketable if the writer can get a star to perform in it.

Maria (Jennifer Lopez), the story’s protagonist, is an impeccable, extremely career-oriented (she’s equipped with a bag for all emergencies, a wireless phone, and a Palm Pilot), wedding planner in San Francisco. Despite being beautiful and successful, she has somehow remained single.

Along comes Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), a handsome young pediatrician, who saves her from being hit by a car while she struggles to save one of her expensive shoes. After they have a wonderful first date, she discovers that he is engaged. To make matters worse, it is his wedding to a major client (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) that is going to help her attain partnership in the company she works for.

However, there is a slight twist to this classic Hollywood love story — her Sicilian father (Alex Rocco) has imported a fianc