February 1, 2001

Test Spin: Rareworks Compilation

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This Rarewerks CD boasts to have many rare techno gems, but I don’t really see what’s so rare about bad music. Yup, this CD sucked.

The disc opens with a Fatboy Slim track that sounds like the score for a video game gone very, very bad.

On “Exterminator” by Primal Scream, the line “Everyone’s a prostitute” pretty much sums up the lyrical “brilliance” of the group. Listening to the song I pictured three skinny suburban kids in pleather pants–think Orgy–trying really hard not to mess up their makeup.

Low key and pulsating, Groove Armada’s “Feng-Shui” is pretty good. And Photek’s “DNA” involves a pretty cool Spanish guitar riff.

On the whole, though, the CD failed to interest me. I like techno at its best, but not monotonous, boring DJs claiming to be musicians.

Archived article by Paula Neudorf