February 16, 2001

Test Spin: Spoon

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In the never-ending sea of indie-pop bands, Spoon somehow manages to stand out. Maybe it’s the tight, soothing melodic hooks, or Britt Daniels’ breathy vocals, or the touching nature of the lyrics. But whatever it is, this trio stands way above the pack.

On their second full-length, Daniels & Co. are as catchy and endearing as ever. “Everything Hits At Once” opens the album with a warm, throbbing pulse and steady drums, over which Daniels sounds like the tortured lover he’s singing about: “Don’t say a word/ the last one’s still stinging.” Other songs, including the melancholy “Believing Is Art,” the poppy “Lines In The Suit,” and the punky “Take A Walk” also deliver on this combo of confessional lyrics with powerful music.

Archived article by Ed Howard