March 1, 2001

Test Spin: Iconz

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First there was No Limit. Then, the Cash Money Millionaires took over. Now the Iconz, a group of five Florida MC’s, apparently have designs on the throne of Southern hip-hop. Full of tear-the-club-up anthems, their debut album Street Money shows that the group has the potential to establish themselves as a force in the game.

Iconz follow the blueprint for a successful hip-hop collective to a point. Supastarr fills the Gangsta Boo role of buckwild girl in an all-male crew, while Trak & Gorilla Tek make up the gifted in-house production team. Everything seems to be in place for the crew to become king of the hip-hop hill, and based on the heat being generated by their debut single “Get Fucked Up,” the surge has already begun.

Archived article by Mike Giusto