March 8, 2001

They Did It Again

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It’s been a long two years since the Dave Matthews Band last released a studio album. And after a slew of delays — including utterly trashing a fully recorded album in order to re-record it — they’ve finally released Everyday, their fifth studio album.

The Dave Matthews Band first became popular only a few years ago with their second and third albums, Under The Table And Dreaming, and Crash. The latter album yielded the ubiquitous radio hit “Crash Into Me,” which we all doubtless remember for being played on the radio until everyone — Dave Matthews fan or not — knew all the lyrics, word for word.

Then their style changed a bit on Before These Crowded Streets, which turned out to be that weird Eastern/Indian influenced album, kind of like the Beatles’ “white album,” but just a brief stylistic divergence in the band’s overall musical career.

Dave Matthews Band fans should not expect the band to revert to Under the Table and Dreaming, part 2, but rather to continue evolving their sound on Everyday. The album, especially the first single, “I Did It,” is at times much heavier than any of the early albums.

The opener “I Did It” proclaims Everyday as different right from the start, with a funky electric guitar, as opposed to the acoustic sound typical of DMB. The vocals are harsh, and the lyrics are a little confusing