April 12, 2001

Test Spin: Fallout Boy

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This local band has a poppy, but lo-fi sound, perched on the border between radio-friendly pop-punk and super-credible hardcore.

“Ode to the Hourglass” displays these dual tendencies admirably. The song boasts a complex, non-traditional structure, catchy vocal hooks, and impressive power chords. The highlight of the track, though — as well as most of the disc — is the lively, varied drumming.

“When All Sides Collapse” is a soaring punk number that sounds like early Unwritten Law. On “Song About Girls,” the band strays into metal territory, with heavy riffs that recall the sloppy but fun Kill ‘Em All-era Metallica.

“From Plastic To Skin” closes the album with a hardcore assault of driving rhythms and guitars. The song reaches climax with some prickly melodic guitar lines.

This EP may be brief, but it does provide a good introduction to this promising band of Ithacans.

Archived article by Ed Howard