April 17, 2001

Arts and Sciences Cuts Admission Rate

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The College of Arts and Sciences is paring down its admissions rate as part of a University-wide effort to match next year’s freshman class size with North Campus residence hall capacity.

The admissions rate for the arts college decreased from 25 percent last year to 21.5 percent this spring. The rate drop comes in the face of rising applications and yield rates from high school applicants, along with housing pressures from the North Campus Residential Initiative.

“During my time in the administration, we’ve never have had to do anything as difficult as this,” said Philip E. Lewis, the Harold A. Tanner Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Lewis noted that similarly any actual decrease in class size would be minor — “only about 50 students” — and that the overall impact on the College would also not be as great.

“It will be a change for the better in some respects. It will eliminate crowded zones such as chemistry labs