April 24, 2001

Cleese Answers Local Media's Inquiries About Visit, Career

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At a news conference for local media yesterday morning, John Cleese fielded questions about his career as well as his term as a visiting A.D. White Professor-at-Large.

While he willfully responded to inquiries about his work with the movie Monty Python, Cleese was more interested in discussing the present and the future, including his experiences at Cornell.

“There are times when my entire life seems to be retrospective,” Cleese said.

Cleese’s appearances during his two-day visit this week reflected his diverse interests, and included a lecture on wildlife conservation with Simon Hicks of the Jersey Zoo, who spoke briefly at the conference. Cleese also gave a talk on “The Human Face” with Prof. Stephen Ceci, human development, as well as a sermon in Sage Chapel.

Wary of his non-expert status in some of the fields he discusses, Cleese pointed out, “There are things that I’m genuinely interested in, and although I’m not an expert