April 26, 2001

Gotta Have It!

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This week is the second and final part of the 80’s Flashback. Last week we took a look at trends that are reminiscent of the 80s: aviator glasses, old skool sneakers, loud colors, etc. This week we are going to reaffirm that the 80s are back by looking at the media that is most associated with the feelings of the time: live music. Now before you shell out $150 for scalped ‘N Sync tickets, take a look at some of the 80’s superstars who will be hitting the stage this summer — bigger and badder than ever.

Material Girl and the King of Pop

Rock n’ Roll may be dead, but pop music sure isn’t — and there isn’t a hotter pop pair than Madonna and Michael Jackson. Madonna will begin touring this summer in Europe and will be back in the States with her first tour in eight years. Tickets and venues haven’t been released yet, but this may be the only way you’ll feel like a virgin this summer.

Speaking of feeling like a virgin, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will be hosting a massive show at Madison Square Garden on September 7th that will reunite him with the Jackson 5 in a celebration of — what else? — himself. Vanity has never been more appealing to our 80’s ears, and I’m sure Tito, Jermaine, and the rest of the crew appreciate the opportunity to cash another paycheck after so many years.

Monsters Of Rock

Okay, so maybe Metallica made a big fuss about song-swapping on Napster. But I don’t think you’ll see Poison frontman Bret Michaels complaining that “Unskinny Bop” is being downloaded by his fans — because it’s the 21st century when Glam rock is what’s back and it’s about the music. And more importantly, the fans.

The “Glam Slam Tour” is tailor-made for anyone who’s played beer pong to Monsters of Rock, or still holds true to cut-off shirts and stone-washed denims. So what do you get for your money on this tour? Only the best, including Poison, Enuff Z’Nuff, Warrant, and Quiet Riot. So come hear the noise.

A Band Based On Singles

Before there were Ace of Base and Paul Oakenfield, there was only one group that pumped up the bass and electronic chords — Depeche Mode. Now for the first time in a decade, Depeche Mode (a band known for its Billboard Top Ten hits like “People Are People,” “Blasphemous Rain,” and many others) is back with a new album and a fresh audience. Guys, be sure to break out the baggy pants, and girls, wear your one-sleeve shirt to this show which will ooze that 80’s feeling.

It’s Only Rock N’ Roll

The final two shows can be covered in this section because both rockers have been partying way before we were born, yet still rock harder than any Cornellian. Aerosmith and Rod Stewart, two staples of rock n’ roll, will be hitting the outdoor stadiums this summer promoting their new albums, which both hold true to the sounds they were producing back in the 1980s (as well as the 70s). This is cross-generational rock at its best, so be sure to pick up some extra tickets for your parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day. You may also want to purchase some ear-plugs for them, just in case.

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