April 26, 2001

It Takes Three To Tengo

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This past Sunday, indie legends Yo La Tengo played at Syracuse University. When Ben Kupstas ’04, Sam Hubley ’04 (the nephew of Yo La Tengo drummer Georgia Hubley), and I set out to see them, little did we know that we were about to have one of the greatest concert-going experiences ever. Before the concert, I got a chance to briefly talk with guitarist Ira Kaplan.

daze: One thing that is very respectable of Yo La Tengo is how you have remained such an independent band while gathering a significant following with fans throughout all ages. What aspects of your band give you that broad appeal and independence?

Kaplan: I think anything can have that. It’s a sort of a set or commentary on the means of distribution of information right now. When I was in High School I think I liked a lot of bands, a wide variety of stuff, I liked some of the music my parents liked — you know the folk music stuff — and then I liked some stuff that they hated …. We don’t expect that if we were played on a big radio station that everyone would like us, but it doesn’t surprise me that it appeals to certain pockets and percentages of people out there, of all types.

d: Before you go on, is there anything you would like to say to Cornell students, any kind of advice about college times?

IK: Uhh college times