April 26, 2001

Test Spin: Guttermouth

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As virtually unknown, politically incorrect punk bands go, Guttermouth seems to be doing a good job with their latest effort, Covered With Ants.

Lyrically, the album is a far cry from poetry, but this doesn’t seem to be a priority. Instead, subjects range from laziness to drinking to sex. The songs are characteristically short, so good ones don’t get old, and less appealing tunes end before inducing frustration.

“She’s Got the Look” begs for college radio airplay as an ideal lighthearted manifestation of pop-punk charm.

The neglect of political correctness is quite noticeable in the song “I’m Destroying the World,” which includes the line “I’m destroying the world/ I don’t give a shit cause it feels so goddamn cool”. It is not apparent whether Guttermouth are actually a bunch of anti-everything zealots or merely punks trying to offend the world. Either way, this album is a fun excursion.

Archived article by Stacy Williams