September 6, 2001

Test Spins: Bitch & Animal

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Eternally Hard, the debut album from Bitch and Animal, was released on Ani Difranco’s Righteous Babe Records label. These selections incorporate vocals from both members of the coed duo, along with offbeat instruments like the violin, gong, ukulele, and fiddle. Bitch, the group’s leading songstress, delivers vocals that are often crude, melancholic, and whiny. Some of the songs on Eternally Hard are influenced by Difranco, in their mixture of folk music and conversational lyrics.

Bitch and Animal attempt to discuss issues like sexuality and drug use throughout the album, but unfortunately no earth-shattering revelations arise from their efforts. Songs like ‘Scrap Metal’ and ‘Ganja’ are highlights of Eternally Hard, but unless you’re a huge Ani fan, don’t go wasting your cash on this album, because on the whole it will likely leave you eternally bored.

Archived article by Kristen Jones