October 18, 2001

Test Spins: Aereogramme

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Glasgow’s Aereogramme have mastered the art of melodrama. This album swings from quiet balladry to soaring climaxes with all the unpredictability of a force of nature. On the lovely “Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement,” restrained verses are contrasted by choruses with pulsating keyboards and wailing guitars as vocalist Craig B. emotes, “in a way/ without hate/ I wouldn’t be who I am.” “Hatred,” meanwhile, features warm piano tones beneath the high vocals. A solitary whining violin propels the fragile “Sunday 3:52.”

But the band’s best moments come when they rock out hard, as they do on the single “Zionist Timing,” which channels early 90’s grunge and late 90’s post-rock and funnels these influences into one hell of a great rock n’ roll anthem. “Shouting for Joey” is an all-out hardcore-metal assault — and who would’ve guessed that Craig’s boyish tenor could transform so effortlessly into a throat-scraping roar? Though the band’s sound isn’t exactly ground-breaking, A Story in White is a strong and enjoyable debut effort from a band that has plenty of time to get even better.

Archived article by Ed Howard