October 18, 2001

Test Spins: Betty Blowtorch

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On Are You Man Enough?, the women of Betty Blowtorch prove that they can rock even harder than the boys. Refusing to be repressed prim-and-proper ladies, they unleash all their raw sexual and musical energy through an aggressive, in-your-face sound. But playing rough and tough is all that the band seems able to do, and the whole album is an incessant drone of aimless playing and hoarse shrilling.

Since Betty Blowtorch is so concerned that they have a higher sexual drive and more machismo than anyone else, the majority of the tracks lack any substance besides being inundated with pounding drums and frenetic electric guitars.

The whole CD is essentially a tedious rant about nothing of paticular importance, which is a shame considering each member’s talents could have been put to better use. If the group spends some time refining their lyrical skills, focusing less on sex and more on rock ‘n roll, they can take their musicianship to a higher level than this amateurish jam-session.

Archived article by Sherry Jun