October 19, 2001

S.A. Tackles Byline Funding

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Two multicultural organizations were approved for byline funding after appearing before the Student Assembly (S.A.) yesterday during its regularly scheduled meeting.

According to Michael Moschella ’02, vice president of finance, “Voting for authorization does not necessarily mean we will fund everything. It means we will guarantee a minimum of fifty cents.”

In order for a group to receive more than the minimum amount from the Student Activity Fund, the organization must appeal to the appropriations committee at another date.

Dwane Morgan ’02, president of the Minority Concert Fund Advisory Board (MCFAB) spoke in favor of byline funding for the African, Latino, Asian, Native American Programming Board (ALANA).

ALANA appealed to the S.A. for byline funding, asking for $1.50 per student from the Student Activity Fund. Morgan said that the money from byline funding would be used to help pay for facilities, security, as well as the artists themselves.

“If we do not have the money from the byline funding,” Morgan said, “we would have to charge approximately $27 a ticket