November 16, 2001

Test Spins: Mogwai

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Mogwai, those cheery Scottish lads known for their often gloomy, mostly instrumental rock, have unleashed yet another opus on the world. Their latest EP, My Father My King, consists of just one 20-minute instrumental, and it picks up on all the facets of Mogwai’s music that didn’t show up on the fantastic early 2001 full-length Rock Action.

“My Father My King” represents the grandiose, heavy side of Mogwai, using grinding metal guitars and pounding drums to create a claustrophobic, doom-laden atmosphere. The song starts low with just a repetitive guitar figure, and more elements are added on as it just builds and builds and builds, eventually rising to frightening heights of excess riffage.

But somehow, the simple beauty that took center stage on Rock Action still manages to shine through the feedback. The overall effect of the song is hypnotizing, as it naturally flows from quiet to loud and back again, with peaceful sections transitioning nicely into the more rockin’ bits. Simply stunning.

Archived article by Ed Howard