November 29, 2001

Camp Potter

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It’s a fad that will go out as quickly as snap bracelets and jams, you say.

It’s a satanic cult that will try to take over the world by hijacking nuclear weapons like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, you say.

It’s fluff that makes you feel intellectual by dint of the fact that you are reading words on a page. Hogwash, you say.

But believe you me, the Harry Potter movie will be changing your “hogwash” to “Hogwarts” as fast as you can say “Alohomora,” making true believers out of even the most cynical of nay-sayers.

(For you muggles, “Alohomora” is the magic word that opens something … go on, give it a try).

Non-Potter-ites have responded postively … to say the least. Opening in more theaters than any other film in history, Potter broke the record for best opening day, as its $90.3 million first weekend beat The Lost World: Jurassic Park’s $72.1 million.

Based on the first book in the Potter chronicles, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the movie has captured the imagination almost as quickly as the text version. While the stories were created for children, they can be appreciated by all ages for their creative quality and detail.

Gag me, you say. Clich