January 31, 2002

…And All The Angst

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Everything about Nine Inch Nails is fast, angst-ridden and shrouded in black gothic veils. In fact, even the make-up of Reznor’s amorphous band has changed over the years. It took a while to figure out that, upon releasing 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine, the “band” was just a man alone with his toys. On stage was a computer on a swing, lots of mud, and a man called Trent. And just after we figured out that the “band” was just the man, he hired some musicians to share the mud with him and help scare the hell out of his quickly growing fan base.

By the time 1991’s installment of Perry Farrell’s Lolapalooza tour rolled around, NIN’s stage presence was near legendary. Even when all the disciples of NIN-driven industrial rock had gone back to flipping burgers, Trent was still inventing new beeps, alternating between being Spin’s and Rolling Stone’s man of the year.

In 2001 with his CD/DVD release capturing a tour in the life of the Nine Inch Nails, Reznor proves that his death and destruction songwriting still has a happy home in the hearts of all who live in the world of Britney and N’Sync. The live compilation,