February 7, 2002

Test Spin – Dr. Didg

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Dr. Didg is about as unique a band as you can find nowadays. Graham Wiggins, the “Doctor” (he actually earned a Ph. D in Physics from Oxford University), has single-handedly made a place for the didgeridoo in groove-oriented music. This makes for a unique live experience, and the aptly titled Live Jams 2000 captures the band’s hypnotic, eclectic concerts.

“The Bunny” and “Circusellassi” showcase Wiggins’ technique of “live sampling,” layering loops of didg, melodica, and keyboards into a dense web of sounds. The backing bass and drums set a trance-inducing groove under the experimentation of Wiggins and guitarist Todd Wright. The recording quality is at times an issue, and the repetitive rhythms certainly work better first-hand. However, moments such as the haunted “Yuki’s Nightmare” and the comically-titled “Mike Gordon Stole My Girl,” with its tribal, percussive undercurrents, make the disc a wise starting point for anyone interested in the didgeridoo.

Archived article by Ben Kupstas