February 14, 2002

On the Wire

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What more could Canadian pair, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, have wanted than an audience vote on Monday evening when they were denied the gold medal during the Olympic pairs figure skating competition? What if the audience members were allowed to vote on which duo would be allocated the first place standing in an obviously tight contest for the gold? Well, if one logs on to www.NBCOlympics.com, there are links for online viewers to actually watch key elements of the pairs’ performances (and emotional reactions), judge them, and assign them the appropriate scores.

Specifically and appropriately entitled, “You Be the Judge,” this link internationally allows viewers to become judges, and for passive visitors to become interactive participants. A site as such this one truly makes the Olympics a worldwide event. NBCOlympics.com explains that “You be the Judge” provides “an opportunity to judge the top 12 skaters in the men’s, ladies’, pairs and ice dancing finals. After a quick calculation, the page will display the ‘mode,’ or most popular score for each skater