February 28, 2002

Subterranian Style

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We may find ourselves asking why we buy the Best Dressed issues of People magazine or In Style each year (this includes those of us who steal issues from various medical offices). The answer? We humans are chronically curious. We like to look at other people from other places especially if they’re young, rich, and famous.

Last night’s Grammy awards were just another tasty award show treat for all those hungry voyeuristic masses. Whether you like scoping out the newest trends, gawking at the hot young talent, or seeing the who’s who, there’s spectacle enough for everyone.

The name of the game at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards was cool. Although the tried and true style shockers were in their glory, namely Lil’ Kim and Christina Auguilera, most of this year’s attendees dressed to impress in chic, sedated designs. A large theme in women’s wear appeared to be whimsical dresses and two piece ensembles with Bohemian sensibility. Destiny’s Child looked like a band of regal Gypsies in subtly sparkly camisoles and fishtail skirts. For men, things stayed semi-formal in tastefully colored suits worn with shirts and no tie. Outkast was a colorful display in plaid, spring-like hued suits and cream fedoras.

All in all, it was a harmonious affair.

Name Nelly Furtado

Music Hip-Hop with a Portuguese vibe

won Best Female Pop Performance

Nominee in

Best New Artist

Song of the Year

Nelly Furtado certainly broke the typical pop princess mold in this dashingly sheer white dress. The deceptively sweet gown is not only strapless, but also backless, held on by thin threads of fabric. The delicate white-on-white embroidery of provincial flowers and vines lends a striking visual element to the dress. The detailing identifies Furtado with her Portuguese heritage which is so connected to the music that brought her to the awards. She perfectly accessories the killer couture with delicate, strappy heels and of-the-moment, costume-jeweled dangle earrings.

Name Pat Monahan

Music Rootsy Rock

won Nothing

Nominee in

Record of the Year

Song of the Year

Train frontman Pat Monahan may not be the most original of rock voices, but he certainly stood out last night in a dark maroon, raw silk suit. A touch of Rat Pack and corporate pimp, Monahan and his bandmates may not have won any golden phonographs, but they won the cameras over. Normally, a tieless suit baring a little chest isn’t recommended at such high scale events, but musicians are almost expected to take a leap into the realm of casual cool. What really cinches this look is Monahan’s Joe Cool aviators that would put Frank Sinatra in his Vegas days to shame. If you’re gonna lose to U2, you better look this good.

Archived article by Laura Thomas