March 7, 2002

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Channel Surfing

The marriage between CBS and late-night mainstay David Letterman might be on the rocks. Letterman’s contract expires this summer, and CBS has yet to set a deal. As a result, Letterman is currently in talks to move to ABC.

ABC, meanwhile, is making noise that if Letterman jumps ship, he’d be taking Ted Koppel’s spot. In an attempt to draw a younger audience, the network would most likely cancel or move Koppel’s Nightline to make room for Letterman. ABC would probably also dump Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, thus dumbing down the network to Fox-like levels.

Koppel is reportedly furious over ABC’s discussions. The Washington Post reports that ABC’s News division views the talks as “a slap in the face to one of the most important and successful journalists in television — even if it means landing an entertainer of Letterman’s stature.”

If the deal goes through and Koppel gets bumped, does that mean that entertainment is more important than news? If it does, we want a bigger desk down here at the Sun.

Unwanted Attention?

Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, recently commented that he “didn’t realize” his remarks criticizing President Bush would be “noticed quite as much as they have.” Sorkin commented last week that NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw sent a “Valentine to Bush” by making him look good during a recent news special. Sorkin told the New Yorker that the entire country, including NBC, is “pretending” that Bush is competent and brave when the reality of the situation is far different.

Sorkin, however, doesn’t regret making the comments: “Like everybody else I support the president 100 percent in the war effort … But our thoughts shouldn’t have to have an 80 percent approval rating to be voiced.”

Not Smart

Comic and SNL alumni Kevin Meaney was recently arrested at the San Francisco Airport as he tried to videotape airport security, which is a federal offense. Being an overachiever, Meany then allegedly tried to grab a National Guardsman’s loaded M-16 rifle when he was confronted.

Meaney will be joined in prison by the actors who played Stuart Smalley and Pat, as Congress has finally made it a federal offense to make god-awful SNL spin-off movies.

The Blame Game

A judge recently dismissed a lawsuit claiming video game makers and movie studios were responsible for the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.

The lawsuit, filed by the family of slain teacher Dave Sanders, named Time Warner, Palm Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Id Software, the maker of Doom.

If you’re going to blame violent movies and video games, why not also blame violent news broadcasts and school lessons on historical wars? Oh right, kids don’t pay attention to those things. That’s why Koppel’s getting bumped.

The Chosen One

E! Online is reporting that Keanu Reeves may star in a remake of the 1971 hit Billy Jack. Reeves would play the title character, a “spiritual ex-Green Beret karate expert who helps save a school for runaways in an Arizona town.” Truly, only an actor of Keanu Reeves’ caliber is suited for a role as auspicious as this.

Archived article by Matt Chock