April 18, 2002

Cornell Sports Quiz

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Pop quiz, hotshot.

Cornell has the second most varsity sports of any school in the country. That means that hundreds of your classmates compete for the Carnelian and White. But how much do you really know about Big Red athletics?

Get out the pencils (No. 2 only), make sure there’s at least one seat between you and the person next to you, turn your hats around and sign the following blank, certifying that the following work is your own.


It’s go time.

Part I: Multiple choice

1. A chukker is:

a) Softball slang for a pitcher.

b) A quarter in polo terms.

c) The guy who made a mess in the bathroom at Dino’s.

2. Cornell was the last team other than Penn or Princeton to with the Ivy men’s basketball title. That happened in:

a) 1988.

b) 1998.

c) 1865.

3. Which Cornell athlete is not Canadian?

a) Sean Greenhalgh, men’s lacrosse.

b) Chris Vandenberg, men’s basketball.

c) Stephen B