May 1, 2002

A Tribute to a Warrior Poet

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Her head barely cleared the top of the podium, but from the moment she began to speak it was clear that nine-year old Jennifer had a poise and courage about her that many several times her age do not.

“I am Eamon’s daughter,” she began, her voice projecting with uncanny clarity. “I wrote a poem about my daddy and I hope you like it.”

Jennifer’s words, spoken at last Saturday’s ceremony to honor former Cornell lacrosse legend Eamon McEneaney ’77, will serve as an indelible memory of my most poignant moment as a Cornellian to date.

“You are like the moon,” began her tribute filled with imagery so vivid, it rivaled some classic poetry. In closing she mused, “But most of all, you are my daddy, and I love you.”

A loving father to his four children, all of the hundreds in attendance that chilly spring afternoon could have choose a different word to complete the phrase “most of all, you are my