September 12, 2002

Duncan Shite

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The only truly remarkable thing about Duncan Sheik’s latest album, Daylight might be how utterly unremarkable it is. Honestly, there is probably nothing worse than being just “alright.” Not “bloody well fucking shite”, not even “terrible”, or “absolutely bloody brilliant”. Just alright.

Not to say that this album is entirely rubbish. Even “alright” has it’s positive aspects I suppose (it’s not exactly the same as being completely awful now is it?) and Duncan Sheik has definitely made every attempt to distinguish himself on the right side of “alright.” The album starts on a low, if non-existent, note with the rather ironically titled “Genius,” and yes, I do believe he might be referring to his own musical talents. A little way into the album though, things start to pick up and “Such Reveries” possesses much of the lyrical catchiness that made his first single, “Barely Breathing” such a hit.

If anything though, Sheik does know how to write preciously melancholic lyrics which just might bring out the cheese in us all. “She’s wearing that tee-shirt/ of a band I really like/ maybe that’s a coincedence