September 27, 2002

Mmmm Good

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I’m a size queen. I prefer big dicks over smaller ones. Maybe you think I’m being harsh, but I’m nothing compared to the asshole in the hockey ticket line with the shirt that read, “freshman girls: get ’em while they’re thin.” Like we need more people contributing to body issues. But look at it this way: when I tell you that you’re gonna have to be really good at eating a girl out because of your two-inch dick, I may be hypocritical, but no guy is gonna go develop some life-threatening disease (anorexia, for example) because he thinks his penis is too small. He’s just gonna learn how to lick pussy really well.


Every once in a while, Cosmo runs an article featuring interviews with a lot of women and comes to the conclusion that it’s not the size of the tool, but how you use it. Well, that’s true to a certain point. My friend’s take is: “Size matters