October 24, 2002

Live Without the Five

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Long before MTV popsters Alicia Keyes and Vanessa Carlton hit the music scene, Ben Folds was writing songs and rocking them on his Baldwin piano. The latest effort from Folds is a change from past releases in that it is live and without the talents of his fellow ‘Five’ members, Darren Jessee and Robert Sledge. Ben Folds Live, a collection of recordings from the “Ben Folds and a Piano Tour 2002,” proves Folds is truly a one man show.

The album is a diverse array of tracts that highlight the talents of this performer. The lyrical wit of Folds is evident in the track “Narcolepsy,” where he humors the audience in a song about the effects of the bazaar disorder. However, the song is also ballad-like in that Folds is able to blend comical lyrics with beautiful piano accompaniment.

Another side of Folds appears in the song “The Luckiest,” where love is the topic at hand. This performance by Folds is both endearing and emotional, displaying the ability of Folds to translate feelings into captivating lyrics through his unique style of musical expression. Delicate piano and soft voice deliver lyrics like “In a white sea of eyes, I see one pair that I recognize. And I know that I am