November 7, 2002

Test Spin: David Cross

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David Cross, of HBO’s Mr. Show notoriety, refers to his stand-up routine as “rambling on and on in an amusing drunk-at-a-party way.” Recorded over last spring’s tour, Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! contains a wide array of satirical, misanthropic observations that teasingly tell the audience Cross doesn’t give a damn if anyone is offended.

His two-hour performance includes derisions of racist rednecks (“The South has a certain kind of ignorance that is deeper and truer, more unwavering and steadfast, than any ignorance that the rest of the country has”), corporate radio DJs (“The same two motherfuckin’ asshole clowns”), and Hollywood (“The best/worst/best again part of Hollywood is the non-stop parade of delusion you get to see”).

Despite the frequent hilarity, much of Cross’ commentary is too topical to withstand future listens. His liberal rants on the war on terrorism and President Bush (“We’re all treating him like he came in third place in the Special Olympics”) may be off-putting to some. However, anyone who finds humor with David Cross’ reference to September 11 as “the week football stopped” will surely appreciate much of what this witty, up and coming comedian has to say on this laugh-getter.

Archived article by Brett Rosenthal