November 11, 2002

Polo Teams Defeat Skidmore Handily

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The Cornell riders had a dominating weekend against Skidmore, both home and away. The women’s team (5-0) easily put away the Thoroughbreds 16-6 at Oxley. The men (4-0), playing at Skidmore, destroyed them 36-6.

At Oxley, head coach David Eldredge ’81 was able to showcase some of the Red’s younger players. With the starters taking the day off, Eldredge played eight different riders, getting a sneak peak into the talent to come.

The women got off to a slow start in the first chukker, knocking in three goals to Skidmore’s one. With a full change in riders, Skidmore closed the gap in the second chukker. After two penalty shots and one auto-penalty, Skidmore tied the Red 5-5 at the end of the second chukker.

A third line change for the third chukker returned Cornell to its game. Allowing only one goal and scoring 11 in the next two chukkers, the women dominated the Thoroughbreds.

Two major additions to the line, seniors Audrey Robertson and Kristin Taylor, gave Cornell the scoring power it needed. Robertson finished the night with five goals, Taylor with four. The score nearly tripled when they entered the game.

Robertson started the scoring run with two quick goals, giving momentum to the team and picking up the pace of the game. Taylor responded with another two goals to put Cornell up 9-5.

The Red closed the game off with a scoring rally from Robertson and Taylor bringing the Red to a 16-6 victory over Skidmore.

Eldredge was happy with the way his team played. With all players contributing to the win, he got a glimpse of his team to come.

“I’m very happy to get in as many players as I did,” said Eldredge. “It’s great to have the opportunity to play for such a great program, and it’s great to see what these girls can do.”

Senior Xenia Borue and sophomore Lindsey Scheer also earned the coach’s recognition for their playing, each scoring two goals.

“Lindsey did very well,” said Eldredge. “It’s her first year on varsity and she’s very driven and showcased herself well tonight.”

The women riders saddle up this Friday at UVA, hoping to maintain their undefeated record.

The men were also highly successful. Dominating Skidmore 36-6, they displayed their great teamwork and natural abilities.

“It’s a little more than I expected,” said Eldredge, “but it’s nice to see the men play so well, especially having to adjust to the smaller field.”

Junior Senter Johnson and sophomore Jeff Markle each had 13 goals for the Red. Senior Darren James had eight goals. The ponies were credited with the last two goals.

The men will join the women’s team at UVA this Friday, also hoping to maintain their undefeated record.

Archived article by Josh Dormont