November 15, 2002

Test Spin: CKY

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I couldn’t help myself from bobbing my head to the beat of CKY’s incredibly catchy, heavy, meaty, and vaguely familiar riffs. For those of you who love skateboarding video games as well as the MTV series (and now movie) Jackass, this album is a must have for your collection. CKY (a.k.a. Camp Kill Yourself) have blended skater-punk grooves — familiar to those of us who care more about the new release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 than our Prelims — with elements of the trendy heavy rock melodies that have recently become popular through bands such as Staind. After listening to their current half hour LP, it’s no surprise that drummer Jess Margera is the brother of BAM, a pro skater who coincidently is featured in many episodes of Jackass.

There’s not much depth to this band, however, as most songs sound the same. The bad, cheapish, suburban lyrics sound like CKY tried way too hard to sound eerie and dark, which takes away from the music’s punch. It was very wise for CKY to release only 33 minutes of monotonous songs – anymore and I would have fallen asleep!

Archived article by Paul Albini