November 25, 2002

C.U. Host to Intercollegiate NROTC Drill Competition

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Cornell’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) hosted Cornell University Intercollegiate Drill Competition (CUIDC), an annual contest in drill and Military Excellence Competition (MEC) events this weekend. Over 500 competitors participated in Saturday’s events, which included NROTC and Air Force Academy units from 26 colleges nationwide.

“CUIDC brings together midshipmen and cadets from other ROTC units for competition,” said Operations Officer Benjamin Kostkas ’03, who organized CUIDC this year.

The all-day competition at Barton and Teagle Halls consisted of several drill events — platoon rifle manual, squad rifle manual, trick drill and color guard — and MEC events including swimming, pushups, sit-ups and running as well as military inspection and a basketball competition, according to Adrian Korduba ’03, battalion public affairs officer.

“It’s great to have competition and see how other units do things differently,” said Samantha Buckingham ’03, joint service representative.

“This year, Cornell received a lot of trophies for MEC events but not so many for the drill events,” she said.

Finishing third overall in the MEC competition, Cornell placed first in two swimming events — the 4×100 individual medley and the 4×100 freestyle relay — and third in the 10 km running race, according to Korduba.

“Although we didn’t do as well in the drill competition, our team put out a lot of effort,” said Luke Collin ’03, battalion commander.

He said that “hosting CUIDC gives NROTC the opportunity to coordinate and execute complex operations, giving us the experience we’ll need when we become officers in the navy.”

CUIDC also gives students in NROTC a chance to hone their skills in competition and provides teams with a chance to demonstrate the hard work they have put in throughout the semester, according to Collin.

Korduba said that the mission of Cornell NROTC is “to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty and loyalty.”

CUIDC creates a competitive atmosphere that enables us to carry out our mission while promoting camaraderie in competition and professional skills in organizing and hosting an event for 500 people, according to Korduba.

“CUIDC is an opportunity for Cornell midshipmen to get a sense of what it takes to be officers in the military and how to be good leaders,” Korduba said.

“It is also an opportunity for us to meet and socialize with other midshipmen from ROTC units who will be our fellow marines in the future,” Collin said.

Archived article by Janet Liao