January 30, 2003

The Rant

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Valentine’s Day is a good two weeks away, but apparently if you’re part of a couple ready to enter into the throes of domesticated bliss then you must start the celebrations no less than 14 days in advance. I am not part of a couple at the moment; I know this because the marketing debacle that is V-day has prepped our minds to fully expect at the very least: a dinner, chocolates, and candles — if not a two day jaunt to some lovely chalet in the mountains. Being alone and a senior this Valentine’s Day, it would be entirely accurate to characterize my given state as bitter, cynical, and jaded. However, I will not sit here and rant, as is expected, about the woe that is this horrific holiday; rather I’ll let a few carefully chosen ‘CREEPY couples’ of the week speak for themselves on the smug bliss that is this holy day.