February 3, 2003

Reno '60 to Begin Visit as C.U. Prof

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Janet Reno ’60 arrives on campus today to start her 11-day stint as a Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of ’56 University Professor.

During her stay on campus, Reno will deliver two lectures to the public. The first, titled “Truth and How We Seek It,” is on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Statler Auditorium. She will deliver the second on Feb. 12 at 4:15 p.m. in Myron Taylor Hall.

Besides the public lectures, Reno will participate in policy analysis and management courses, both as a lecturer and a participant in discussions.

Late next week, students in Human Development 258: The History of Women in the Professions will interview Reno about her experience at Cornell as a female student.

“She did go to Cornell; she was president of the Women’s Self-Governance Organization … while it existed as a single-sex group,” said Prof. Joan Brumberg, human development, who teaches the course. The 25 students in the class will quiz Reno on her experiences as a student in Ithaca in the late 1950s.

In addition, she will put in an appearance at a Democracy Matters meeting tomorrow. Students in several courses have been invited to the event.

“Prof. [Michele] Moody-Adams, [philosophy], came to one of our events last year and offered this to us two weeks ago,” said Heather Lee ’05, director of communications for Democracy Matters. “Of course we said yes.”

Reno will appear on a panel with Democracy Matters founding member Prof. Joan Mandle, sociology and anthropology at Colgate University and Peter Mack ’03, a member of the City of Ithaca Common Council.

Reno served as the U.S.’s first female attorney general under President Bill Clinton for more than seven years. Last year, she ran for governor of Florida, but was defeated in the Democratic primary last September. Florida re-elected Jeb Bush in November.

This won’t be Reno’s first public appearance at Cornell; in May 2001 she delivered the University’s convocation address.

Other appointees to the Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of ’56 Professorship have included science guy Bill Nye ’77 and architect Richard Meier ’56.

Archived article by Maggie Frank