February 20, 2003

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On Saturday February 22, the Fanclub Collective will present their second show of the year, which will happen to be the group’s first concert in Just About Music (Low Rise #9 on Cornell’s North Campus) this semester.

After the rock star glitz of Interpol’s appearance at Appel Commons in January, the modesty of the J.A.M. Performance Space will provide a welcome return to the Fanclub’s roots. Though this time around, New York City will once again be on display, headliners Five Second Flat have made their home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as opposed to Interpol’s Manhattan base. Ask any NYC scenester, and they’ll tell you Brooklyn is where it’s at.

Five Second Flat has internalized much of the creatively defiant energy of Williamsburg in their well-constructed, math-rock grooves, and promises an original, inspired performance on one of their first tours. Also appearing on the concert bill, True if Destroyed, who will brave the snowy interstate between Philadelphia and Ithaca, are set to perform with their friends, local-based The Horns. While True if Destroyed might be noted for their slightly punk vibe, The Horns are dedicated to more of an indie rock aesthetic. Nevertheless, the two will make for intriguing back-to-back sets. With Tankini, a Cornell student band, filling out the four band romp, this upcoming J.A.M. concert should deliver in full. The daze was able to catch up with Dan Hewins, a member of the experimental rock band Kilowatthours (who appeared this past fall at J.A.M.) and the drummer/bassist for Five Second Flat. Commenting on all things from brash New England weather to his fellow NYC artists, here’s what Dan had to say:

daze: Briefly, when, where, and how did Five Second Flat form?

Dan Hewins: Two yeas ago there was an unfortunate bicycle accident in which Dan was accused of killing Jeff’s dog, Lyndon. That marked the first moment that Five Second Flat came together.

daze: How would you guys describe your music?

DH: Electro-raga-dub. How would you describe it?

daze: Do you think the Williamsburg scene has influenced your music? If yes, how so? If not, where do you find your artistic inspiration?

DH: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs taught us how to play an A chord, Interpol taught us how to dress, The Strokes taught us how to cut our hair, Les Savy Fav showed us how to take our pants off, Radio 4 introduced us to Gang Of Four, Liars taught us how to shave, and Turing Machine showed us how to rock.

daze: Has the road treated you well on your tour?

DH: Day 2: “16 Deaths Blamed on Eastern Blizzard … The worst blizzard to hit the mid-Atlantic and central Appalachian states in seven years shut down much of the region on President’s Day with windblown snow that piled up as much as 4 feet deep, halting air and some rail travel and causing at least 16 deaths.” So far so good.

daze: Finally, what’s the derivation of your band name?

DH: “Second Five Flat” and “Flat Second Five” didn’t really appeal to us.

Regardless of which permutation of their name appeals most to you, Five Second Flat plans to deliver, as do the rest of the bands who will appear at J.A.M on Saturday. The Fanclub cordially invites you to this witness the spectacle.

Archived article by Andrew Gilman