February 27, 2003

Campus Couture

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There has always been a stigma attached to wearing glasses. Of course, there’s the perk of automatically being assumed astute, for the eroding of your visual capabilities has most likely come about with an earnest endeavor to read large amounts of mind-stimulating material. So smart you might be labeled, but sexy? The chances of that seem very slim. Just look at bespectacled Andrea Zuckerman in the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. While all the other non-monocled characters were getting play, Andrea so wasn’t, pining away by her lonesome self for oblivious Brandon Walsh in the cold classrooms of posh Beverly Hills High.

I happen to have a bad case of myopia, although I defected from the Four-Eyed Club many years ago with the acquisition of gas-permeable contacts. However, I think glasses are a great way of instantaneously jazzing up your look. I’m not talking about those heinous, Coke-bottle atrocities that fell out of a scene from Revenge of the Nerds: Nerds in Paradise. I’m thinking more along the lines of of the more stylish kinds, such as the black, geek-chic pairs sported by people like Steven Soderbergh and Steven Spielberg, or the crisp, clear elegance of Nicole Kidman’s rimless pair.

Glasses are no longer a trademark of the nerd; that was its symbolic function of yesteryear. Nowadays, glasses exude smoldering mental shrewdness and sexiness. In fact, I keep around several stylin’ pairs of non-prescription frames simply for the purpose of parading my new and improved, smarter and sassier self into class! If you want to join the elite ranks of the spectacled select, here’s a guide to which frames will be most flattering to your face shape.

Round face

If your face is relatively circular, try wearing an angular, square-shaped pair. They will downplay the fullness of your cheeks and simulate the appearance of defined cheekbones by adding more depth to your features. The Downtown tortoise pair from www.39dollarglasses.com should be becoming. Celebrity Style Match: Michelle Pfeiffer.

Oblong face

If your face is relatively long, you should wear a pair of glasses that will add more width to balance out your face. This will achieve the effect of transforming your face shape into a more oval one. Cat-eyed glasses such as these $100 Frame France ones from www.eyeglass.com should definitely do the trick. Celebrity Style Match: Lisa Loeb.

Triangular face

If you have a broad forehead that tapers down into a small, pointed chin, your face shape is triangular and very cute. A light, average-sized oval pair sitting vertically along your nose will balance our your bone structure. Try the rimless $105 Shiny Silver glasses from www.eyeglasses.com. Celebrity Style Match: Nicole Kidman.

Archived article by Sherry Jun