February 27, 2003

Test Spin: Damone

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Did you ever wonder what it would sound like if wannabe-punk rocker Avril Lavigne and the Prince of Darkness’ daughter Kelly Osbourne got together to make a record? No? Well, me neither; I prefer not to have horrible nightmares. Unfortunately, Massachusetts-based rockers Damone bring this mix of sloppy garage rock and lyrics ripped off the walls of a high school bathroom to us on their debut release From the Attic.

“Your girlfriends treat me so unfair/ Your girlfriends point at me and stare,” whines seventeen-year old singer Noelle on the creatively titled “Your Girlfriends,” over the all-too-typical sound of pop-rock chords. Nearly every other track combines these same ingredients; lyrics that maybe a thirteen year-old can relate to and melodic semi-punk guitars and drums. In “Feel Bad Vibe,” the singer constantly repeats “Who’s that in your Chevelle/ Is she your girlfriend now?” I’m not too sure the average fan of this album would even know what a Chevelle is … at least Avril stays away from referencing anything teeny-boppers have never heard of.

Noelle’s intensely deep lyrics surface once again during “At The Mall,” with a chorus of, “You’re at the mall and I’m missing you/ Missing you.” This almost makes the entire album seem like a parody of everything that’s popular today. The sad thing is, I don’t think it is.

Don’t be fooled by the ragged appearance of the band on the cover: whatever attic this band is from is the same one a certain little Canadian with a predilection for “Sk8ter Bois” was pulled out of.

Archived article by Ariel Ronneburger