March 13, 2003

Editors' Note

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It hit 40 degrees yesterday. There’s a Dragon on the Arts Quad. People are about to board planes, taking them to places warm or foreign (unless you’re taking the bus back to Jersey. But that’s another story). All of this can only mean one thing: Spring is coming! This makes us very happy. How happy, you ask? We reviewed a children’s movie. That’s right. Turn to page 5 and you’ll find that we made Sue Karp suffer through The Jungle Book 2. How were we able to do this? What nefarious means did we employ to force our writer to sit through this drek? The answer is simple: we’re evil overlords, well maybe only one of us, the other is a caring and considerate … evil overlord! No, really. We’ve got overly complicated plans to take over the world focused on ‘lasers’ and everything. We use Disney films as torture because we can’t afford to rent a dungeon.

And now a message from a newsman with no (public) voice, Managing Editor Mr. Marcus “Aurielias” Zawel: Yo, what’s up? I was bitching in the Sun offices last night about never having my very own “special space” to write cute little notes to my readers. So, here it is. And, damn it, I’m just too choked up for words. The only thing I keep thinking about is hurling large snowballs and watermelons at the Dragon (and architecture students) today. It’s going to be so much fun. And then, there are those “Dragon Patrol” guys who wear all that armor and riot gear. It’s so funny when you nail them. Oh, I’m not condoning hurting the architects. It’s just part of the tradition. And, I’m leaving for Jamaica on Saturday.

Archived article by Erica Stein