April 3, 2003

Dream On

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Stephen King is known primarily for the intricate world of horror stories and creepy supernatural literature that he has brought to life over the years. Even so, a few of his books have been made into timeless movie classics: Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile and Stand By Me stand out as probably his three most successful cinematic transfers. What do these three movies have in common? There’s simplicity in their storylines and nothing horrifying about them! The conflict is derived from personal fear and events that are more internally scary then externally horrifying. Green Mile is the only one of the three that employs the supernatural. Dreamcatcher is the latest adaptation of a King novel to film and it is so complex that my 800 word cap wouldn’t allow me to even scratch much of its multi-layered surface. The movie follows four supernaturally endowed childhood friends into their middle-age and slowly unfolds the enigmatic connection they have with each other and a retarded boy named Duddits