September 9, 2003

TCAT fares increasing

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Those students who ride the bus occasionally and chose not to buy a bus pass will now be scrounging around for $1.50 as opposed to last year’s $1.00 charge. The TCAT Board of Directors enforced a fifty percent increase in the cash-paid rates since Aug. 17 in hopes of ameliorating what was predicted to be $796,000 deficit by the end of 2004. According to TCAT’s website, “without a fare increase, service would have to be cut drastically with the possibility of the elimination of Sunday and even Saturday service.” Even with this fifty-cent increase, there still may be a $375,000 budget deficit by the end of next year.

Although the TCAT authorities use these facts to justify the inflation, the drivers seem to have a contrasting view on the issue. Most drivers refused to comment, but one particular driver opened up after being promised no mention of his name. He explained that many bus drivers felt the real reason for such a deficit is the expansion of the TCAT managerial staff. The hiring of four new supervisors along with several other staff members has created new expenses and has triggered wrath among many students.

“We pay $40,000 to go here and they can’t even make the bus free?” asked Mara Sherman ’05.

Archived article by Sejal Udani