November 6, 2003

Campus Couture

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The trees are starting the look a little more bare and the nights are getting colder and colder. We are officially approaching the season of cold weather and winter accessories. Lucky for us, cozy knits and warm furs are everywhere in this season’s hats, gloves, and scarves, making it easy to brave the Ithaca freeze. These aren’t necessarily the cheapest materials on the market, but you can get the look for less, and not have to travel hundreds of miles out of the way to find the one store that carries them either. Here are some of the fall season’s most popular designer looks and versions that won’t break the bank. And believe it or not, you can find them at the Pyramid Mall right here in Ithaca too (well, the affordable models, anyway).

Fur-Trimmed Gloves

Gaudy fur is gracing jackets, hats, and gloves everywhere. Sometimes fur can be a little much, but you don’t have to sport it all over to have the look. A little fur trim can do the trick without going overboard. Remember, sometimes less is more. Ralph Lauren has a very classy version of fur-cuffed gloves, but might be a little more than you’re willing to shell out. Department stores like JC Penney and Bon Ton stock this look for much less, and with versions in all colors. But to pull off the runway look for less you’d best go with something more neutral or black.

Knit Scarves

Scarves are great accessories, and the season’s usual knits are a staple that can easily last from year to year. Of course you can’t beat the comfort of cashmere, but you’ll be beating yourself up after you look at the price tag. Save the cash for a nice sweater and look for a more simple cable knit instead. The right kind of scarf can be worn for all occasions, so look for something comfortable but stylish. Old Navy has this look in stock, and they’re so cheap you won’t feel bad about buying more than one.

Bomber Hats

It’s warm, it’s been seen all over the fashion scene, and it certainly makes a statement. If you want to be bold then give the bomber hat a try. Don’t expect it to be a staple in your collection of winter accessories, but hey, we all have to splurge on that one thing we don’t need once in a while. I can’t say much for the look, but if you’re truly scared of frost bite then this might be right for you. You’ll thank me later if you decide to go with faux fur instead of the real deal because not only will you save a ton of cash, you won’t feel as bad if you don’t actually get up the guts to wear this outside of your apartment.

Archived article by Laura Borden