November 20, 2003

Daze Quote Contest Answers

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The winner of the first annual Quote Contest is Lisa Everts ’92 with a whopping 95 points. Thanks to everyone who entered. We’d like to clarify some commonly asked questions. First off, we accepted only what our parents would call LPs as answers for albums. So if a song first appeared on a demo or an EP, we still took its first appearance on a full length as our answer. Also, questions about the form of question 15 arose, as nearly as we can tell, because the shooting script differs from the final film.

1. I’ve got no expectations to pass through here again.

A. Song, “No Expectations,” The Rolling Stones, Beggar’s Banquet.

2. Heroin. It’s my wife, and it’s my life.

A. Song, “Heroin,” The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground & Nico.

3. Wake up, time to die.

A. Movie, Blade Runner, Brion James (Leon)

4. I loved you so much, I went and betrayed you.

A. Movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, Judas (Harvey Keitel)

5. I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade.

A. Song, “A Day In The Life,” The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

6. My life is a game of strip poker.

A. Movie, Gods & Monsters, James Whale (Ian Mckellen)

7. Give me a reason to love you.

A. Song, “Glory Box,” Portishead, Dummy

8. Heading out for the East coast, lord knows I’ve paid some dues.

A. Song, “Tangled Up In Blue,” Bob Dylan, Blood On The Tracks.”

9. I’m hungry, let’s get a taco.

A. Movie, Reservoir Dogs, Mr. White/Larry (Harvey Keitel)

10. Don’t tell me, you’ve come to read my trousers.

A. Movie, Quills, Marquis de Sade (Geoffry Rush)

11. She lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a better man.

A. Song, “Better Man,” Perl Jam, Vitalogy

12. It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

A. Movie, Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bill/Jame Gumb (Ted Levine)

13. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.

A. Movie, Casablanca, Capt. Louis Renault (Claude Rains)

14. Nobody knows what it’s like, to feel these feelings, like I do.

A. Song, “Behind Blue Eyes,” The Who, Who’s Next.

15. I don’t get tough; my lawyer gets tough for me.

A. Movie, Chinatown, Eveyln Cross Mulwray (Faye Dunaway)

16. The Dude abides.

A. Movie, Big Lebowski, Jeff Lebowski, (Jeff Bridges)

17. This is Major Tom to ground control.

A. Song, “Space Oddity,” David Bowie, Space Oddity.

18. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

A. Movie, The Usual Suspects, Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey)

19. Break his heart again, and I’ll kill you. Nothing personal.

A. Movie, Clerks, Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson).

20. You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

A. Movie, Princess Bride, Inigo Mantoya (Mandy Patinkin)

21. If you wanna call me baby, just go ahead now.

A. Song, “Two Princes,” Spin Doctors, Pocket Full of Kyroptonite

22. Shop smart, shop S-Mart!

A. Movie, Army of Darkness, Ash (Bruce Campbell)

23. She is Lana Turner.

A. Movie, L.A. Confidential, Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey)

24. The benefits of a classical education.

A. Movie, Die Hard, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman)

25. I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be, you’re gonna give your love to me.

A. Song, “Not Fade Away,” Buddy Holly & The Crickets, The Chirping Crickets .

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