November 21, 2003

McKinney Will Not Run for Prez in 2004

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Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of ’56 Professor and former Congress member Cynthia McKinney announced Wednesday night that she will not be a candidate for president on the Green Party ticket.

In her response to the second question of the evening, which asked if she was running for President under the third party, McKinney gave a direct answer: “No.”

“I’m not supposed to say that quite yet,” she said. “I haven’t made a formal announcement yet. … I kind of let something slip when I haven’t talked to the Green Party first.”

In a press conference yesterday morning, McKinney attempted to retract her statement from the night before, saying that she has not made the final decision on a possible presidential run.

“Oh please, don’t ask me that,” McKinney said. “I didn’t definitively say anything yet.”

Archived article by Sun Staff