February 5, 2004

Editor's Note

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If you’re reading this week’s issue, then you’re bearing witness to a tradition as old as daze itself: the begining of the six week compet process, where we train our successors in the ways of software and grammar until they’re ready to produce an issue all by themselves.

Each year, the outgoing editors (that’d be us) try to select the brightest and the best from amoung our luminous staff for this supreame honor. And every single year, we end up finding a couple of gullible underclassmen with nothing better to do and no innate command of the English language instead. Allow us the dubious pleasure of introducing your new editors: Alex “I’ll shower when I damn well feel like it” Linhardt and Zach “how do you use a Mac?” Jones. Over the next month or so, they’ll try to overcome personal difficulties and find their misplaced style guides to become the editors we all know (read: fervently hope, because we can’t think of anyone else who wants the job) they can be. Assisting them in their quest will be our new Movie Editor: Tracy “power behind the throne” Zhang. So bear with us for the next few weeks folks, and ignore the random French-Canadian phrases that will probably appear in the section from time to time — we don’t know why they’re here either.

Archived article by Erica Stein