February 12, 2004

Gotta Have It

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You didn’t forgot this past Monday was a very special holiday, did you? Hold on, you don’t have to freak out just yet guys; Valentine’s Day isn’t for a couple days. And no, I wasn’t even referring to the great national celebration that is National Weatherman’s Day. In fact, if you can find a weatherman/woman dumb enough to still be working here in Ithaca you can shake their hand for me. I’d rather forget the whole “don’t shoot the messenger” adage and give them a cheap snowball shot to the jaw. You may have guessed that I was instead talking about Groundhog Day. Let’s not limit ourselves to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy extravaganza as our only form of celebration, but instead give great thanks (yes, I ripped that line off of Thanksgiving; sue me and I’ll throw a brass-buckled shoe and ear of corn at you) to the famous story about dear ole Mr. Groundhog and his yearly adventure out from the snuggly confines of his winter cocoon. As you may remember from grammar school, if he sees his shadow, then we’re all doomed for another six weeks of pain