February 24, 2004

'Dream Job' Challenges Presidency

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The road to the White House is underway, with the future of our nation hanging in the balance. These next several months will be trying times for the American people, as they must decide who will best represent their views and political philosophies. While voter turnout has been paltry of late, this time it is the duty of every patriotic American to cast their vote in sincerity.

But first, some clarification:

When I say “White House,” I mean ESPN’s Bristol headquarters of course. The building’s not white, but at least the roof is (close enough). “Nation” equals the sporting world, “views and political philosophies” means best catch phrases, and “patriotic American” should read devoted ESPN viewer.

Now that we’ve settled that, most of you probably realize that I am referring to ESPN’s newest show, “Dream Job,” not the presidential election. Dream Job, which premiered on Sunday, is the newest (and best) reality show that pits 12 hopefuls against each other for a chance to be the next SportsCenter