March 4, 2004

Campus Couture

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There’s still snow on the ground, but with this week’s unusually warm weather, Cornellians are already modeling spring fashions all over campus. We hate to be pessimists, but knowing Ithaca, there’ll be three feet of snow next Monday. So don’t pack up your winter gear just yet. Since March is known for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, make sure your wardrobe transitions with the weather.

As campus fashion goes, footwear is the most important accessory for trudging up the slope. So here you go: a shoe guide that will get you through the year’s most unpredictable month.


Look down at the remainders of snow on the ground and you’ll see the distinctive imprints of these shoes from Down Under. As if anticipating spring, these snow-worthy boots come in traditional neutrals, or the more “Mod” carnation pink and powder blue. We’re guessing you’ve noticed these before, but they’re so fab at keeping out bad weather that you won’t mind blending in with the crowd.

Rain Boots

Not to sound like the nurses at Gannett, but it’s important for all of you to wear your rubbers. Here’s your chance, girls, to lead by example! Especially when they come in such cute colors! Who could resist a good old-fashioned jump in the puddles anyway?

Stiletto Boots

Whether ankle-length or knee-high, these shoes are sexy, stylish, and perfect for your weekend partying. And for those of you who sport these babies to class as well as frats, good luck getting up the slope.

Mesh Mules

What better way is there to show off your bedroom wardrobe than to slip on a pair of these mesh mules? They may look like slippers, but they work just as well on the street. We don’t endorse wearing your pajamas to class, but it might be worth it just to model your feet in these sequined beauties.


What do you get when you cross a kitten heel with a mesh basketball jersey? The answer: a low-heeled shoe that is both athletic and feminine. With this kind of versatility, you can go from jeans to your favorite mini.


They’re back! Yes, these are the same plastic shoes you wore when you were five. They still leave marks on your feet, but now you’re old enough to appreciate the fashion statement you can make with bright, candy-colored plastic.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro