March 11, 2004

Campus Couture

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This week, Campus Couture is dedicated to the guys (Or, more specifically, to the girls who have made a sport out of watching guys). Even with all the diversity that Cornell has to offer, we were still able to classify the male population into six categories. Girls, here’s a guide to help you sort them based on their style.

The Preppy Guy

Location: Playing beer pong at a frat.

The Good: Who can resist that all-American charm?

The Bad: He looks like all his friends.

Shops at: Polo, Lacoste, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Gap.

Favorite clothing: Collared shirt.

Least Favorite: Fake leather.

The Sporty Guy

Location: Lifting weights at the gym.

The Good: Clothes show off his great physique.

The Bad: The dirty sweatpants have to go.

Shops at: Champs.

Favorite clothing: Muscle tank.

Least Favorite: Anything pink.

The Granola Guy

Location: Playing hacky sack on the Arts Quad.

The Good: Clothing is environmentally friendly.

The Bad: Can be border-line grungy.

Shops at: Ithaca Commons.

Favorite clothing: Birkenstocks.

Least Favorite: Any designer label.

The Businessman

Location: Drinking coffee at the Johnson School.

The Good: He looks great in a suit.

The Bad: He reminds you of your father.

Shops at: Brooks Brothers.

Favorite clothing: Leather briefcase.

Least Favorite: A Hawaiian shirt.

The Metrosexual

Location: Admiring self in front of the mirror.

The Good: He’s a great dresser.

The Bad: He looks better than you do.

Shops at: Any designer boutique.

Favorite clothing: There are too many to count.

Least Favorite: Last season’s styles.

The Intellectual

Location: Studying or reading in any library

The Good: Practical, intelligent wardrobe.

The Bad: It’s usually not color-coordinated.

Shops at: He doesn’t remember ever shopping.

Favorite clothing: Whatever’s clean.

Least Favorite: Bright colors.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro