March 11, 2004

Test Spin: Incubus

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Funk metal, alternative, alternative metal –these are some of the labels that have been used to describe the unique and talented sound of Incubus. Even better, how about creating another label: art metal. This is an ideal description for Incubus: their music is perfect for a body-lashing mosh pit, yet also hits the spot for a quiet candlelit dinner. The latest release from the Southern California rockers, A Crow Left of The Murder, marks the first major rock album release of the year. Since the release of S.C.I.E.N.C.E in 1997, which is regarded as the best album by most fans, Incubus has had two multi-platinum albums, Make Yourself and Morning View. Both of which had major hits including “Drive” and “Warning.” On S.C.I.E.N.C.E Incubus became known for their explosive hard metal sound that poured into almost every song. The following two albums reveal a sense of maturity as the boys mellowed out and incorporated a softer sound. All Incubus fans, the loyal S.C.I.E.N.C.E. lovers and the newer recruits, will fall in love with the riveting sound found on this album.

The album explores everything from the frustrated lyrics found in “Sick Sad Little World” to the soft piano heard on “Here In My Room.” Even as they deliver the hard guitar riffs on some songs, the band still maintains a melodious, relaxed mood throughout. The only changes that are apparent on “Crow” are the talent of the new bassist, Ben Kenney, formerly of The Roots. The changing style of guitarist Mike Einziger reveals the depth of his music abilities with aggressive improvisational solos, such as those heard on “Priceless.” Einziger’s talent, along with the faultless vocal performance of Brandon Boyd makes this album speak for itself.

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