March 29, 2004

Carlin Packs State Theatre

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Comedian George Carlin riled up two sell-out crowds yesterday afternoon and last night at the State Theatre.

Dressed completely in black, Carlin’s act was as vulgar as ever. “You know something that nobody talks about anymore? Pussy farts,” Carlin said after a short plug for his new movie Jersey Girl.

He used the crowd as a guinea pig to try out some new material that will appear on his next HBO special, and he also performed some classics.

The event was one of the biggest of the year for the State Theatre. “We have big events like this five or six times a year,” said Leslie Armell, a marketing assistant at the theatre.

She explained that they scheduled two shows to accommodate the large demand for tickets.

The crowds were a mix of Ithaca residents and out-of-towners. There was a modest presence of students from Cornell and Ithaca College.

Last night, Carlin came on stage to uproarious applause.

He began with a piece of material that he said he would use at the beginning of his next HBO special.

Calling it a “poem for the modern man”, it described the use of different words and pieces of language used today.

He followed with a discussion about suicide, saying that a person takes his or her own life every 30 seconds.

“Isn’t that great?” he added.

Carlin said that he believes that there should be a “suicide channel.”

At one point, Carlin discussed his feelings on organ donation and environmentalism.

“Fuck the whales, save the pussy,” he said.

He closed with material about fatal disasters that he said he would use to close his next HBO special.

“You can’t beat a famine,” he claimed.

He explained that usually he enjoys complaining about everything, but that he was happy to be able to speak about something that he likes.

The crowd was warmed up by the well-received opening act, comedian Dennis Blair.

To begin his performance, Blair screamed, “Hello Ithaca! Best city in America!”

After the crowd applauded, he exclaimed, “free beer for everyone!” receiving raucous cheers.

He performed impressions of musicians, such as Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart.

In addition, Blair spoke about airplanes, cell phones and same-sex marriage.

“Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to date, fall in love, get married, learn to hate each other, get divorced and take half of each other’s stuff just like straight people?” he asked.

The two audiences walked away happy.

“George Carlin is fucking awesome. They should make him president,” said Marc D’Urso ’06.

Archived article by Eric Finkelstein
Sun News Editor