September 23, 2004

Campus Couture

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Too many post-party trips to Collegetown Pizza? Freshman 15 well on its way to becoming the Senior 60? We feel your pain — and we want to help. Even if the most exercise you’ve done all semester has been walking from Dino’s to Dunbar’s, we guarantee that these high-tech fitness clothes will motivate you to hit the gym.

Tank Top

Ah, the built-in bra is a beautiful thing. While it’s more likely to flatten and squash than lift and separate, the purpose is function, not fashion. Trust us, as soon as you start bouncing up and down on the elliptical machine you’ll be thankful that you don’t have those dual weapons slapping you in the face.

Workout Pant

Super-tight spandex is no way to make a good first impression on your fellow fitness buffs. Instead, try these flattering workout pants from Nike. We love them because a) they’re boot cut, not tapered, and b) they’re black. In either case, they’ll hide those patches of cellulite you’ve been lugging around.


Let’s face it: You have enough stiletto boots and strappy sandals in your closet to host a Miss America pageant. Why not buy a pair of shoes that you can actually walk around campus in? They’re not as cutting edge as those pointy kitten heels, but as far as sneakers go, these are pretty cute. They even have gel cushioning to absorb shock and protect you from blisters. Your feet will thank you.

Mesh Top

Don’t be discouraged if your pecs don’t fill out this shirt just yet. We promise we won’t make fun of you, boys. At least you have the style savvy to wear this top that not only looks good but wicks moisture away from your body. After a few weeks of pumping iron, the girls won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

Track Pants

For those of you who love to flash brand names wherever you go, these pants are for you. Now you don’t need to compromise social status for comfort and functionality. Besides, aspirations of becoming an Abercrombie model might actually motivate you to lift a few barbells at the gym … instead of just looking at yourself in the mirror.

Running Shoes

These sneakers are everywhere — on the street, in the gym. So if you’re too lazy to change shoes, these are for you. They may not look that great with shorts, but sometimes comfort is more important. Whoever said beauty is pain never walked across Cornell’s campus.

Archived article by Wendi Kane & Katie Azzaro
Red Letter Daze Staff Writers